Casa Cedro Activities

Activities at Casa Cedro, Yelapa include walking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, dolphin and whale watching, island tours, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, bird-watching, Reiki treatments, and bodywork lessons.

Visitors can go on an adventure, hiking the river trails. They are easily hiked, each turn of the trail more beautiful than the last. You will see amazing rock configurations, shallow pools for wading, and small and large waterfalls. For those who prefer to ride, mules, donkeys, and horses complete with guides, or without, are available.

A day is also well spent at the “Playa”, a huge beach lined with restaurants and lounge chairs where one can swim, and meet people. For the socially adventurous, drop by the rockin’ jungle disco which happens twice a week. Local musicians also play at restaurants, and visiting musicians can join the spontaneous jams. Bring your instruments.

For breath-taking excitement, try paragliding in Yelapa, a favorite location of paragliders worldwide. Casa Cedro is the closest vacation spot to the paragliding launch pad. Guided tandem rides are available for beginners.

Fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling tours in the Bay of Banderas, and to small nearby islands are available from local guides. Sightings of manta rays gliding through the abundance of other colorful marine life are common in the aqua blue waters of the bay.

Yelapa is home to many family-operated restaurants and grocery stores, well known for their fresh fish and specialty foods. There is a variety of vegetarian meal options, as well. All of the basic foods – fruits, vegetables, cheese, fresh fish, and more – are available at the local grocery stores.